Do Key and Adams support Chorus appeal?

Posted 14th Apr 2014

ohn Key and Amy Adams must tell New Zealanders whether they support Chorus’ appeal of the High Court’s ruling in favour of the Commerce Commission, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.
“Chorus’ appeal is a waste of time. The company is behind schedule already on the ultra-fast broadband roll-out. It needs to get on with the job of connecting Kiwis to ultra-fast broadband.
“The High Court judgement was very strong. John Key and Amy Adams have remained strangely silent since the ruling. They have backed Chorus and its shareholders from the beginning. They need to say whether they continue to do so.More...

Key ducks but can’t avoid High Court slap

Posted 10th Apr 2014

The High Court’s slap in the face to John Key and his Government over Chorus has left it with no option but to accept the Commerce Commission’s lawful process in deciding the price of copper, says Labour’s associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.
“John Key was forced today to effectively rule out any further threats of legislating against the final Commission decision expected at the end of the year due to lack of support from coalition partners, a concerted push from the tech industry and a consumer backlash.More...

Give up Chorus – leave it to ComCom

Posted 8th Apr 2014

Three cheers for our court system in confirming the law which gave Chorus three years to prepare for a changed copper price, says Associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.
“The Government is now in the embarrassing position of having the High Court uphold the law it passed almost four years ago after Chorus went to court to try to have the initial pricing decision set aside .
“A claim in court that the regulator had erred in law has now been thankfully thrown out .
“Chorus now has to look at its corporate strategy very closely. They are playing a dangerous game if they continue to test the law .More...

Mosgiel community urged to rally behind pool project

Posted 1st Apr 2014

Dunedin South MP Clare Curran has stressed the importance of the Mosgiel community engaging in talks with the Dunedin City Council over the proposed Mosgiel pool project.
After sustained lobbying from the community, the DCC has agreed to a proposed amount of $30,000 in its Draft Annual Plan, which would be used to support the Taieri Community Facilities Trust to investigate the redevelopment of pool facilities in Mosgiel.
However full community engagement with the DCC Draft Annual Plan process is needed to ensure the redevelopment goes ahead, Clare Curran said.More...

Chorus stitch-up a backdoor bailout

Posted 11th Mar 2014

The Government has today strengthened Chorus’ monopoly in the fibre rollout and effectively handed it a backdoor bailout with taxpayer’s money, Labour’s associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran said today.
“Yet another dodgy deal has been stitched up today. Chorus is under financial pressure after the Commerce Commission’s ruling on the price of copper broadband. Crown Fibre Holdings was told to flesh out a deal with Chorus. The result has been a backdoor bailout.More...

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