Chorus’ regulator rort fails: broadband bills should fall

Posted 16th Oct 2014

Kiwi families will be better off now that Chorus’ standover tactics on copper broadband have failed, so long as retailers pass on the drop in wholesale prices, Labour’s ICT spokesperson Clare Curran said today.
“The irony is Chorus’ attempts to rort the regulated framework for copper broadband have been thwarted by their own mismanagement.
“Chorus had to drop plans to charge more for a new unregulated ‘Boost HD’ service while throttling existing regulated services as the new service had no pick-up. More...

Donaghys job losses another blow to Dunedin

Posted 2nd Oct 2014

The loss of 30 jobs from Donaghys rope and twine factory is yet another blow to the people and economy of Dunedin, says Dunedin South Labour MP Clare Curran.

“Donaghys was founded in 1876; the company has survived two world wars and the Great Depression, so it’s devastating the South Dunedin company has to practically halve its 70-strong workforce.

“This means 30 more people potentially dependant on welfare, while struggling to find jobs.
“My heart really goes out to all of the families affected, and I invite anyone with problems accessing Ministry of Social Development assistance to come and talk with my staff,” Ms Curran said.More...

Local communities critical to Civil Defence

Posted 2nd Sep 2014

Labour will focus on empowering New Zealand communities to be resilient in Civil Defence disasters, says Labour’s Civil Defence spokesperson Clare Curran.

Announcing Labour’s Civil Defence policy, she says that Labour will work with schools, voluntary agencies and community groups to make sure they are ready to act effectively as the Student Army did in Christchurch. In the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, volunteer networks emerged to tackle the huge recovery task.

“However there are issues that need to be resolved about the sustainability of these volunteer networks.

National finally wakes up to rural broadband issue

Posted 26th Aug 2014

Amy Adams must guarantee that the new fund announced today will be truly contestable and not just a slush fund for large telcos or a continuation of the existing failed Rural Broadband Initiative, says Labour’s ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.

“Today’s new fund is an admission that the RBI has failed and under-shot the ambitions of New Zealanders.

“Broadband connections in rural New Zealand are poor by world standards. New Zealand needs the best rural broadband possible because of the importance of primary production.

“It appears that the National may have woken up to the importance of community solutions – a solution that Labour has already embraced.

Slow, sluggish, not sweet at all

Posted 31st Jul 2014

Rural communities, frustrated by slow and unstable broadband, have been delivered a two fingered salute by Steven ‘Everything’s Sweet ’Joyce, Labour’s ICT spokesperson Clare Curran says.

“Mr Joyce deliberately obfuscated and refused to answer questions on the actual connection numbers to both rural and broadband schemes in Parliament today in an attempt to cover up the National Government’s sluggish progress on both schemes.

“Steven Joyce needs to front up rather than playing cagey at question time. Not doing so only increases suspicions the numbers might be embarrassing.

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