Dame Dorothy Fraser Lecture will celebrate achievements of women in politics
Posted 11th Jul 2017
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Today the sixth annual Dame Dorothy Fraser Lecture will continue the strong tradition of honouring the late Dame Dorothy Fraser by highlighting the achievements of New Zealand women, and remembering their contributions.

Hon. Annette King will deliver a lecture titled Parliament and Politics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Annette is a stalwart of New Zealand politics who has more than 30 years of experience in Parliament. She has been Minister of Health, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, and an MP in three different electorates. She will have some fascinating insights and stories to share with the audience, and will continue a strong tradition of speakers which includes renowned historian Professor Barbara Brookes, campaigner Louise Nicholas ONZM, former National Party MP Marilyn Waring, former CTU President Helen Kelly and former Prime Minister Helen Clark.
Speech in the House: Bill English shows lack of leadership
Posted 22nd Mar 2017
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Today in the house I spoke about the lack of leadership from Bill English on housing, health and jobs.

Being Prime Minister means more than making observations such as the loss of Cadbury jobs being "a huge thing for workers, who may prove to be more resilient than expected". More than a "whatever" approach to people who are frightened about being kicked out of their state house and not being able to afford a market rental.
Local communities critical to Civil Defence
Posted 2nd Sep 2014
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Labour will focus on empowering New Zealand communities to be resilient in Civil Defence disasters, says Labour’s Civil Defence spokesperson Clare Curran.

Announcing Labour’s Civil Defence policy, she says that Labour will work with schools, voluntary agencies and community groups to make sure they are ready to act effectively as the Student Army did in Christchurch. In the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, volunteer networks emerged to tackle the huge recovery task.
Dame Dorothy Fraser Lecture by Helen Kelly - readable version
Posted 27th Nov 2013
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Protecting our democracy: Stemming inequality and why workplace laws are so important

Kia ora koutou

It is a great honour to be able to give this lecture and thank you for coming. I have been reading up on Dorothy with much admiration. Getting on with the things that need to be done. Good values and practical work – nothing like it to make a difference to peoples lives and speaking in a lecture in your honour Dorothy is a great privilege – thank you.
Government takes disability rights backwards
Posted 3rd Dec 2012
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The restructuring of the Human Rights Commission provides more evidence that the National-led Government is simply paying lip-service to the needs of disabled New Zealanders, Labour’s spokesperson for Disability Issues, Clare Curran, says.

“As the world acknowledges International Day for People with Disabilities today there is a growing body of evidence that our government is winding back desperately needed legislative changes and services that would allow the one in five New Zealanders with a disability to more fully participate in society.
Local Government changes ignore needs of provincial New Zealand
Posted 30th Nov 2012
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Changes to the Local Government Act passed through Parliament this week ignore the concerns and criticisms of provincial Mayors and councils says Labour MP Dr David Clark.

"The message from provincial leaders was that the changes in this Bill undermine the very viability of effective local government in provincial New Zealand.
National is failing disabled New Zealanders
Posted 24th Oct 2012
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A report released today shows that thousands of New Zealanders with disabilities face insurmountable barriers to getting paid work despite their eagerness for employment, says Labour’s spokesperson for Disability Issues Clare Curran.

The Convention Coalition, representing the New Zealand Disability sector, today released its second independent monitoring report on disability rights in New Zealand.
Speech to NZ Association of Blind Citizens
Posted 9th Oct 2012
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The New Zealand Labour Party has a proud history of engaging with and empowering the disability community and people with disabilities. The fifth Labour Government in partnership with disabled people and their representative organisations developed the New Zealand Disability Strategy which was launched in 2000 with the vision of a society that values people with disabilities and continually enhances full and equal participation. This was followed with the then Labour Government signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in 2007 and ratifying it a year later. Many believe that with these two documents the hard work in ensuring equal rights for those who live with disabilities was done.
Costs need to be sorted minus the scaremongering
Posted 20th Sep 2012
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Tony Ryall is scaremongering as a ruse to avoid addressing how the Government will provide payments to family caregivers of disabled adults, Labour’s Disability Issues spokesperson Clare Curran says.

In a landmark decision earlier this year the Appeal Court ruled that excluding family members from payment for the provision of disability support services was discrimination.
Paralympians prove their prowess
Posted 11th Sep 2012
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New Zealand’s triumphant 17 medal haul at the Paralympic Games reflects the great effort being made to dismantle stereotypes about disabled people and elite sport, Labour’s Disability Issues spokesperson Clare Curran says.

“Our Paralympians are powerful role models for the almost one-in-five New Zealanders with a disability. But their triumphs and commitment to sporting excellence have inspired all New Zealanders.
Cross-party cooperation on carers funding needed
Posted 13th Jun 2012
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Cross-party cooperation is needed if New Zealand is to have long term, sustainable solutions to provide funding for family caregivers of disabled adults, says Labour’s spokesperson for Disability Issues, Clare Curran.

“It’s an enormous relief that the government has come to its senses and will not be appealing the Court of Appeal decision in the Ministry of Health vs Atkinson case.
New funding for disabilities isn’t ‘new’
Posted 15th May 2012
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Giving the disabilities sector the largest slice of the Health Budget will be welcomed, but without details as to where this ‘new’ funding is coming from we can’t be sure others aren’t missing out, Labour’s Disabilities spokesperson Clare Curran said today.

The Government has pledged $132.7 million in new investment and $11.0 million in savings for the disabilities sector.
Government should drop legal action and support carers
Posted 14th May 2012
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Today’s Court of Appeal ruling that parents caring for disabled children are being unreasonably discriminated against should embarrass the Government into dropping any further proceedings, says Labour’s Disabilities spokesperson Clare Curran.

“The success of this case is a real tribute to those families involved. They have persevered over many years to have their work recognised.
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